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Nothing compares to a near-death experience for revitalizing the human spirit. The data that every day life is relatively short and absolutely unpredictable is humbling and insightful.

I'm returning from
Five days in Ny hospital using a serious intestinal infection... diverticulitis to become exact. It can be eye-opening not to EAT or DRINK for days (not really water) and be connected to an I.V. machine Twenty-four hours a day.

It Really Sucks!

If you are fighting a potentially life-threatening condition or illness, it puts one's life inside a new, refreshing perspective. They have given me an affection to the important things life has to offer...

Family, Friends,
Household, Health. (Definitely not in this order). Family, friends and Loved ones work most effectively life can give... But life is really more fun when everyone is healthy. All the money on the planet... isn't worth losing your overall health over. Your wellbeing is easily the most precious thing you own... Just ask any inpatient in the hospital!

I can tell you that although the healthcare was most excellent, life inside the hospital was not that much fun to me. I became connected to an I.V. for many days without having food or drink. You need to drag that I.V. thing together with you everywhere you go, even going to the bathroom.

That's not me complaining - They probably saved my life).

I used to be getting prodded and poked and tied to needles everyday for liquid blood samples and stuck with another needle to provide a blood thinner. They took blood pressure readings and thermometer readings every hrs all day everyday... at night too.

The nurse would wake me
up in the centre of a night to take my blood pressure levels and temperature readings. (I thought awakening to a alarm was annoying). The doctors and nurses were all wonderful. Very professional care from very capable professionals. After 5 days I used to be very well to go home.

I was admitted on Sunday evening and was discharged Thursday evening... Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... 5-days. Nonetheless it only totals about 96 hours so the hospital says it's 4 days. Guess the amount 4 days in New York Hospital cost? The balance came today:

Rm Two Beds
or even more $8,230.08, Drugs $758.57, Laboratory Services $346.30, Laboratory Services $516.52, Laboratory Services $235.56, Laboratory Services $578.25, Laboratory Services $73.15, X-Ray Services $229.10, Cat Scan $4,518.51, Emer Room Services $827.68, Drugs $506.94, Ekg Inpatient $174.81

Totals $16,995.47

And when you add in the expense of the phone and television... Which is a grand total that could reach over $17,000.00 bucks for 4 days. That's $,4,250 each day... And i also didn't have even any surgery (yet).

Professional Care
has a professional asking price.

Would you can pay for to fund this if it exited your bank account? Many people couldn't risk making a payment like this. It isn't really their fault. They work tirelessly, receive money well nevertheless the living costs are sooo expensive.

Most families
do not accumulate wealth. Most families have a problem saving any money. The answer however is NOT to cut back.

The perfect solution is is to change your state of mind. The answer is usually to recognize that... Your Health is the Real Wealth!